Palm Fat

Rumen protected/inert feeding fat. Highest energy and palatable for dairy cows. Non hydrogenated and free from Trans Fatty Acid to increase milk production.

Does not interfere with dry matter intake. Store in cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to daylight.

Content Specification
Total fat (%) 99.9
Melting point (deg Cel) 58-60
Moisture and impurities (%) 0.01
Colour (Lovibond 5.25 cell) 2.5R
Iodine value 15-19
Appearance Granular/beads

Recommended feeding rate
Can be fed at the rate of 150-800 g/h/d depending on stage of lactation.

Stage of Lactation Table

Stage of Lactation kg/head/day
Early (0-10 weeks) 0.4-0.8
Mid (11-20 weeks) 0.2-0.4
Late (>20 weeks) <0.2

Can be used in TMR's or top dressed.
Shelf Life: Min 12 months.
Net Weight: 25kg