Our Shortening is an all vegetable fat formulated from palm base oil. This shortening is specially textured and aerated to impart good plasticity and desirable creamy white color.

Application: Suitable for making bread, biscuits, cream, cakes, etc.

Content Specification Test Method
Free Fatty Acid (as palmitic acid) 0.1% max MPOB p2.5
Moisture 0.1% max MPOB p2.1
Peroxide Value 3 meq/kg max MPOB p2.3
Iodine Value 36-42 MPOB p3.2
Slip Point 48-52oC Max MPOB p4.2
Antioxidant 200ppm max

Pack Size: 16kg
Primary Packaging : Food Grade LDPE (low density polyethylene) plastic bag
Secondary Packaging: Corrugated paper carton (Dimension: 414 (L) x 243 (W) x 220 (H)) mm